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Lalazar and Battakundi, Kaghan Valley, Mansehra

Battakundi is six Kilometers from Naran. It is another enjoyable spot and is the turning point for Lalazar, which is  connected via jeepable road which a plateau of rare scenic beauty.

Lalazar is situated at a distance of 21 km from Naran via Battakundi. It is at an altitude of 3200 m (10,200 ft). It is the most beautiful hill station in Kaghan Valley with its meadows and pine thickets.

From Battakundi on Main Hiighway lies Babusar Pass.  Babusar pass is the end of the Kaghan valley is blocked by the mountains but the Babusar pass is the gate between Kaghan and Gilgit valley at the altitude of 13600 feet. From here you can have the glimpse of the naked mountain Naga Parbat with a towering height of 26,660 feet. Road at Babusar Pass is remained closed, because of snowbound, from October to June, also restricted during monsoon season.

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