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Maidan, Lower Dir, Pakistan

Population of the Lower Dir district in 37 Union Councils is 797,852 according to the 1998 census report. The projected population of Lower Dir Lower 1,037,091 in 2005 with the same growth between the 1981 and 1998 census i.e. 3.42% per an-um. The projected male population of Lower Dir in 2005 is 514,072 and the female is 523,020.

The literacy ratio of the district among the population aged 10 years and above is 29.90 per cent; it has increased significantly since 1981 when it was just 10.16 per cent. The male literacy ratio is higher: 48.76 per cent compared to 12.25 per cent for females, at the 1998 census

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  1. arshad tanveer fom samar bagh jandool

    very beautiful pictures

  2. faisal hayat from dandona

    lower dir is very beautiful place
    and the pics taken are very nice

  3. SayyedTauseef jan.

    It,s 2 beutiful pictures very nice nd maidan is also khnown as a paradise

  4. Dir Lower is really the beauty ingredient of the rural beauty of pakistan. Loved the post. Thanks Tahir.

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