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Malam Jabba, Swat Valley, Pakistan

In Swat Valley a beautiful Place is Malam Jabba. It is a Hill Station in the Karakoram  mountain range nearly 40 kilometers from Saidu Sharif in Swat Valley, NWFP, Pakistan. It is 314 kilometers from Islamabad and 51 kilometers from Saidu Sharif Airport.

Malam Jabba is home to the largest ski resort in Pakistan.The area also contains two Buddhist stupas and six monasteries that are scattered around the resort. The presence of the monuments at such a height indicates that the area has been inhabited for over 2000 years.

Two trekking trails are located near the Malam Jabba resort. The first passes through the Ghorband Valley and Shangla Top and starts about 18 km from the resort. The other trail passes through the Sabonev Valley and is about 17 km from the resort.

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  1. is it possible to go now-a-days?????????????plz reply me about these stitutionss



  3. I tried to reach Malam Jabba on Sat 1 Dec 2012,, OOOpppsss it was a fearful try. I with family trapped alone on the road where the snow was frozen on the road and converted into ice. I was away from the resort only 100 meters away but could not reach to the destination. People helped me to take my safe journey back to Saidu Sharif ( my staying place). I advise never venture in such weather, especially when family or children are accompanying.

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