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Metrobus Rawalpindi-Islamabad Route Map Final

Metrobus Rawalpindi-Islamabad Route Map (Final)

Islamabad (Sunday, March 23rd, 2014) – Today Prime Minister of Pakistan Dr. Muhammad Nawaz Sharif inaugurated the start of development work on the Mass transit project in twin cities of Pakistan.

This new mega project will built for the launching of metro bus service in Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

This is almost 24 kilometer long metro bus route. It will start from Flashman Hotel Rawalpindi Saddar and will terminated at Pakistan Secretariat Islamabad.

Metrobus Inauguration Ceremony Live Update

Metro Bus Stops/Stations in Rawalpindi

Flashman’s Hotel cantt.

Mareer Hassan

Liaqat Bagh

Committee Chowk

Benazir Hospital

Chandni Chowk

Rehman Abad

Sixth Road

Shamas Abad

Faiz Abad

Metro Bus Stops/Stations in Islamabad

IJP Road

Ninth Avenue

Jinnah Avenue

Blue Area

Pak Secretariat

Rawalpindi city portion will elevated while Islamabad city side will on the ground.

Metrobus Rawalpindi-Islamabad Route Map (Final)
Metrobus Rawalpindi-Islamabad Route Map (Final)

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  1. It is an excellent project. May Allah help the contractor to complete it timely. It is suggested that overhead bridges may be prepared at all crossing in Islamabad as well likeas IJP chowk, Jinnah Avenue entrance etc.

  2. May Allah succeed it timely. and I would like next PM Shehbaz Sharif.

  3. Must b in peshawar more stop it to busy stop

  4. I would suggest that from Rawalpindi railway station to mareer hassan we must renovate both side of railway track and built a state of art corridor for pedestrian so they easily reach from mareer hassan to railway station and railway station to mareer hassan we should make it beautiful by removing encroachment and by planting

  5. Metro Plan is excellent, govt. should plan one more starting from DHA 2 Islamabad highway (instead of 5 lane expressway) . Suggest, parking towers to be built close to the terminals for parking cars. Moreover as all do not live close to the start point of metro may be introduce metro shuttle like from Dehri hassnabad tench – G-11 – f-11 – The shuttle should be exclusive for metro passenger! I am sure many private businessmen would be willing to invest.

  6. muhammad Arshad

    It is a very good and bold step by the Nawaz/Shahbaz Govt. and I pray that it should be completed well on time.

  7. What is timing of metro ,when its starts every day and when its closed ‘plz tell us .

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