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Multan Fort : Qila Kohna Qasim Bagh

Multan is a Historical city. Its History spread on centuries. Multan is Also Known as the city of “Garma, Gard, Gada and Goristan”. Multan fort is situated in the center of city. Multan Fort was built on a mound separating it from the city by the old bed of river Ravi. Its date cannot be fixed with accuracy. When intact, its circumference was 6,600 ft. having 46 bastions, including two towers at each of the four gates i.e., Delhi Gate, Khizri Gate, Sikhi Gate and Rehri Gate. The fort was ravaged by the British to avenge the murder of one Mr. Agnew in 1848. At present it is survived by some parts of the old rampart and bastions besides the shrines of Hazrat Bahauddin Zakaria and Shah Rukn-e-Alam, an obelisk in memory of Agnew and a Hindu temple. The famous Qasim Bagh and a stadium are located within the walls of the fort. A panoramic view of multan City can be had from the highest point in the fort.

There is no Fort now as it was destroyed by the British Garrison which was stationed there for a long time but the entire site is known as the Fort. The Fort site now looks as a part of the city because instead of the river it is now separated by a road which looks more like a bazar and remains crowded throughout the day. Nobody knows when multan Fort came into being but it was there and it was admired and desired by kings and emperors throughout centuries. It was considered as one of the best forts of the sub-continent from the defense as well as architectural points of view.

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