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Ranikot Fort Pakistan – World Largest Fort

Ranikot Fort is located in the Kirthar Range, about 30 km southwest of Sann, in Jamshoro District, Sindh, Pakistan. It is approximately 90 km north of Hyderabad. The Pakistani people called this fort as Great Wall of Sindh also known as Deware Sindh because of it’s resemblance to the Great Wall of China. It is the world’s largest fort with a circumference of about 26 km or 16 miles. Since 1993, it has been on the list of tentative UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Within Ranikot Fort, there are two more fortresses Meerikot Fort and Shergarh Fort, both have 5 bastions each. The main Ranikot and the inner Meerikot have similar entrances curved, angulated with a safe tortuous path. From the military point of view, Meerikot is located at a very safe and central place in the very heart of the Ranikot with residential arrangements including a water-well.

Currently, only the Gabol Baloch tribe occupies the area within Ranikot. The area has become a virtual village for the Gabol’s over the past century who earn their livelihood by offering tours to many of the visitors, as well as by small scale farming. Today, the Gabol tribe chief Nabil Gabol is trying to attract the Sindh government’s funds to develop the area into an international tourist site.


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