5 responses to “Thal Jeep Rally Muzaffargarh and Layyah (3-5 November 2016)”

  1. salman khan

    very long track

  2. salman khan

    beautiful evnt in Muzaffargarh

  3. salman khan Chandio

    hard track

  4. salman khan Chandio

    ultan/Muzaffargarh/Layyah (Thursday, November 3, 2016) – Today Punjab Tourism Development Corporation is holding first Thal Jeep Rally. This rally will is being held from 3 November to 5 November 2016. District Government Muzaffargargh and District Government Layyah has jointly organized this sports and Tourism good event salman khan chandio

  5. 2nd Thal Desert Jeep Rally 18-19 Nov 2017

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