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Complete List of KPK District and Tehsil Nazims Elected in 2015

Complete List of KPK District and Tehsil Nazims Elected in 2015

KPK Nazim and Naib Nazim Complete List District and Tehsil Wise 2015
KPK Nazim and Naib Nazim Complete List District and Tehsil Wise 2015

In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa elections for District/Tehsil and Town Nazims were held under the supervision of Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP). Compete list of winner of candidates has been issued here.

Serial No — Name of District Councils —- Name of Nazim & Naib Nazim —- Party Affiliation —– Names of Tehsil Councils —– Name of Nazim & Naib Nazim —– Party Affiliation

Abbottabad District
Sardar Sher Bahader (Nazim) Independent
Shoukat Tanoli (Naib Nazim) PTI
Abbottabad Tehsil
Muhammad Ishaq (Nazim) PTI
Shujjah (Naib Nazim) Jamat e Islami
Havelian Tehsil
Sardar Arsal Pervez (Nazim) PML(N)
Habib Ullah (Naib Nazim) Independent

Mansehra District
Said Ghulam (Nazim) PML(N)
Ghulam Murtaza (Naib Nazim) QWP
Mansehra Tehsil
Khurram Shahzad Khan (Nazim) PML(N)
Mohsin Ali (Naib Nazim) PML(N)
Balakot Tehsil
Rustam Khan (Nazim) PML(N)
Naib Nazim Not decided for want of requisite majority
Oghi Tehsil
Raja Muhammad Bashir (Nazim)
Zahidullah (Naib Nazim)
Haripur  District
Adil Islam (Nazim) PTI
Agha Shabir Ahmad Awan (Naib Nazim)  PTI
Haripur Tehsil
Tariq Mehmood (Nazim) PTI
Syed Ahsan Ali Shah (Naib Nazim) PTI
Ghazi Tehsil
Aslam Hayat Khan (Nazim) PTI
Muhammad Anwar (Naib Nazim) PTI
Battagram District
Atta-ur-Rehman (Nazim) PTI
Faheem Akbar Khan (Naib Nazim) PTI
Battagram  Tehsil
Niaz Muhammad Khan (Nazim) PTI
Hazrat Yousaf (Naib Nazim) JI
Allai Tehsil
Gohar Ali Khan (Nazim) PTI
Ishaq Khan (Naib Nazim) PTI
 Torgar District
Noor Muhammad (Nazim) PTI
Shamzada Khan (Naib Nazim) PTI
Judbah Tehsil
Abdul Qadeer Khan (Nazim) JUl (F)
Shah Zamin (Naib Nazim) RHP
Hassan Zai Tehsil
Syed Shahzad Shah (Nazim) ANP
Syed Muhammad (Naib Nazim) ANP
Bannu District
Nazim and Naib Nazim Election not held due to stay of IHC Bannu Election not held due to stay of IHC
Bannu Tehsil
Nazim and Naib Nazim Election not held due to stay of IHC Bannu Election not held due to stay of IHC
Domel Tehsil
Fida Muhammad (Nazim) PPP(P)
Naik Dar Ali Khan (Naib Nazim) PPP(P)
Charsadda District
Fahad Khan Utmanzai (Nazim) PTI
Musawir Khan Durrani(Naib Nazim) Jamat e Islami
Charsadda  Tehsil
Khalil Bashir Khan (Nazim) ANP
Dr. Altaf Ahmad (Naib Nazim) JUI (F)
Shabqadar Tehsil
Haji Zafar Ali Khan (Nazim) QWP
Ghafar Ullah (Naib Nazim) PTI
Tangi Tehsil
Muhammad Yahya Jan (Nazim) QWP
Syed Muhammad Mushtaq (Naib Nazim) PTI
Dera Ismail Khan District
Azizullah Alizai (Nazim) PTI
Muhammad Ismail (Naib Nazim) PTI
D.I. Khan Tehsil
Umar Amin (Nazim) PTI
Muhammad Rehan Mateen (Naib Nazim) PTI
Paharpur Tehsil
Jehanzeb Khan (Nzim) PTI
Abdul Razziq (Naib Nazim) PTI
Kulachi Tehsil
Muhammad Akbar Khan (Nazim) PTI
Tahir Farooq Khan (Naib Nazim) PTI
Darban Tehsil
Election not held due to stay of PHC
Paroa Tehsil
Election not held due to stay of PHC
Hangu District
Obaid Ullah (Nazim) JUI(F)
Said Umar (Naib Nazim) Indipendent
Hangu Tehsil
Aamir Ghani (Nazim) JUI (F)
Muhammad Waqas (Naib Nazim) JUI (F)
Thall Tehsil
Pio Zar (Nazim) JUI (F)
Muhammad Anwar (Naib Nazim) JUI (F)
Karak District
Dr. Umar Daraz (Nazim) PTI
Maj (R) Muhammad Sajad (Naib Nazim) PTI
Karak  Tehsil
Abdul Wahab (Nazim) JUI (F)
Jehanzeb Khan (Naib Nazim) JUI (F)
Takht-e-Nasrati Tehsil
Not decided due to tie/equality of votes
Banda  Daud Shah Tehsil
Shoukat Ali (Nazim) JUI (F)
Speena Jan (Naib Nazim) JUI (F)
Kohat District
Niaz Muhammad Khan (Nazim) JUI(F)
Abdu-ur-Rashid Khan (Naib Nazim) PML(N)
Kohat Tehsil
Malak Taimur Khan (Nazim) PML(N)
Shahid Mehmood (Naib Nazim) JUI (F)
Lachi Tehsil
Ishfaq Sajad (Nazim) PTI
Nazir Mehmood (Naib Nazim) PTI
Lakki Marwat District
Ishfaq Ahmad Khan (Nazim) PPP(P)
Arab Khan (Naib Nazim) PTI
Lakki Marwat Tehsil
Hidayat Ullah Khan (Nazim) JUI (F)
Sarfaraz Khan (Naib Nazim) JUI (F)
Serai Naurang Tehsil
Izazullah (Nzim) JUl (F)
Salar Khan (Naib Nazim) JUI (F)
Mardan District
Himayat Ullah Mayar (Nazim) ANP
Asad Ali (Naib Nazim) PPP(P)
Mardan Tehsil
Muhammad Ayub Khan (Nazim) PTI
Mushtaq Khan (Naib Nazim)
Katlang Tehsil
Imdad Ullah (Nazim) JUI (F)
Abdul Jalal (Naib Nazim)
Takht-e-Bhai Tehsil
Mumtaz Ali Khan (Nazim) Indipendent
Javed lqbal (Naib Nazim) PPP(P)
Nowshera District
Liqat Khattak (Nazim) PTI
Ishfaq Ahmad (Naib Nazim) PTI
Nowshera Tehsil
Raza Ullah (Nazim) PTI
Zar Alam Khan (Naib Nazim) PTI
Pabbi Tehsil
Murtaza-ur-Rehman (Nazim) PTI
Sajad Ahmad (Naib Nazim) PTI
Jahangira Tehsil
Muhammad Sadiq (Nazim) PTI
Hameed Ullah Khan (Naib Nazim) PTI
Peshawar District
Muhammad Asim Khan (Nazim) PTI
Syed Qasim Ali Shah (Naib Nazim) PTI
Zahid Nadeem (Nazim) PTI
Muhammad Shoaib (Naib Nazim) PTI
Farid Ullah Khan (Nazim) PTI
Syed Naeem Ali Shah (Naib Nazim) PTI
Muhammad Ali Arbab (Nazim) PTI
Abdul Wahab (Naib Nazim) PTI
Haroon Sifat (Nazim) PML(N)
Arbab Kamal Ahmad (Naib Nazim) JUI (F)
Tank District
Mustafa Kundi (Nazim) PTI
Aftab Ahmad (NaibNazim) PTI
Tank Tehsil
Habit Khan (Nazim) JUI (F)
Mullah Abdu-Ur-Rehman JUI (F)
Swabi District
Amer Rehman (Nazim) ANP
Aser Khan (Naib Nazim) JUI(F)
Swabi Tehsil
Wahid Shah (Nazim)  Jamat e Islami
Gohar Rehman (Naib Nazim) ANP
Lahore Tehsil
Sohail Khan (Nazim) PTI
Shahab All (Naib Nazim) JUI (F)
Razzar Tehsil
Ghulam Haqani (Nazim) ANP
Muhammad Bilal (Naib Nazim( JUI (F)
Topi Tehsil
Muhammad Sohail (Nazim) PTI
Muhammad Younas (Naib Nazim) PTI
Swat District
Muhammad Ali Shah (Nazim) PML(N)
Abdu-ul-Jabbar Khan (Naib Nazim) ANP
Babuzai Tehsil
Ikram Khan (Nazim) ANP
Fazal Hameed (Naib Nazim) JUI (F)
Bahrain Tehsil
Habib Ullah (Nazim)
Muhammad Shoaib (Naib Nazim)
Barikot Tehsil
Gohar Ayub (Nazim) PTI
Izat Rehman (Naib Nazim) PTI
Charbagh Tehsil
Naveed Ali (Nazim) JUI (F)
Muhammad Javeed (Naib Nazim) PML(N)
Khwazakhela Tehsil
Usman Ali Khan (Nazim) PML(N)
Sher Asghar Khan (Naib ML(N) PML(N)
Kabal Tehsil
Rehmat All (Nazim)  Jamat e Islami
Engineer Hanif Khan (Naib Nazim) PML(N)
Matta Tehsil
Abdullah Khan (Nazim) PTI
Muhammad Hakim (Naib Nazim) PTI
Shangla District
Niaz Ahmad (Nazim) PML(N)
Kamran lqbal (Naib Nazim) PPP(P)
Alpuri Tehsil
Mohamad Tahir (Nazim) PML(N)
Shawkat Ali (Naib Nazim) JUI (F)
Puran Tehsil
Raja Usman Ali(Nazim) PML(N)
Gaohar Ali (Naib Nazim) PML(N)
Buner District
Dr. Ubaid Ullah (Nazim) Jamat e Islami
Yousaf Ali (Naib Nazim) ANP
Khudukhail Tehsil
Gulzar Hussain (Nazim) ANP
Fazal Illahi (Naib Nazim) ANP
Mandar Tehsil
Umar Hayat (Nazim) ANP
Ashtar Khan (Naib Nazim) ANP
Gagra Tehsil
Both the seats not decided for want of requisite majority
Daggar Tehsil
Hafiz Saeed-ur-Rehman Mufakir (Nazim) JUI (F)
Khalid Khan (Naib Nazim) JUI (F)
Upper Dir District
Faseeh Ullah (Nazim)  Jamat e Islami
Hanif ullah (Naib Nazim) Jamat e Islami
Dir Upper Tehsil
Mir Mehzan Uddin (Nazim)  Jamat e Islami
Rustam Yousaf (Naib Nazim)  Jamat e Islami
Barawal Tehsil
Jehan Alam (Nazim)  Jamat e Islami
Hayat-Ul-Haq (Naib Nazim)   Jamat e Islami
Kalkot Tehsil
Tajbar Khan Kohistani (Nazim)  Jamat e Islami
Bahadar Khan (Naib Nazim)  Jamat e Islami
Wari Tehsil
Not decided for want of requisite majority
Lower Dir District
Muhammad Rasool (Nazim)  Jamat e Islami
Abdul Rashid (Naib Nazim)  Jamat e Islami
Adenzai Tehsil
Qamar Zaman (Nazim) PTI  Jamat e Islami
Madad Khan (Naib Nazim)  Jamat e Islami
Timergara Tehsil
Riaz Muhammad (Nazim)  Jamat e Islami
Asfandyar Khan (Naib Nazim)   Jamat e Islami
Balambat Tehsil
Imran-ud-Din (Nazim)  Jamat e Islami
Zain-ul-Abideen (Naib Nazim)  Jamat e Islami
Munda Tehsil
Hamayun Khan (Nazim)  Jamat e Islami
Hassan All Shah (Naib Nazim)  Jamat e Islami
Samarbagh Tehsil
Saeed Ahmad (Nazim)  Jamat e Islami
Bashir-ul-Haq (Naib Nazim)  Jamat e Islami
Lal Qilla Tehsil
Bakhtiar Khan (Nazim)  Jamat e Islami
Hanif Ullah (Naib Nazim)  Jamat e Islami
Khall Tehsil
Election not held due to stay of PHC
Malakand District
Syed Ahmad Ali Shah (Nazim) PPP(P)
Col (R) Ibrar Hussian (Naib Nazim) ANP
Batkhela Tehsil
Moulana Naeem Khan (Naib Nazim) JUI (F)
Safdar Shah (Nain Nazim) PTI
Dargai Tehsil
Abdu-ur-Rashid (Nazim) PPP(P)
Azam Khan (Naib Nazim) PPP(P)
Chitral District
Maghfirat Shah (Nazim)
Abdul Shakoor (Naib Nazim) JUI(F)
Chitral Tehsil
Mulana Muhammad Ilyas Qazi (Nazim) JUI (F)
Khan Hayat Ullah Khan (Naib Nazim)
Mastuj Tehsil
Muhammad Yousaf (Nazim) JUI (F)
Fakhruddin (Naib Nazim) JUI (F)

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