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  1. Nadeem

    Nice article

  2. Sidra Zafar

    The cheap justice, Iftikhar Chaudhry, has unveiled an agenda that is antithetical to democracy and seems fueled by self-aggrandizement and political opportunism. Several verdicts of Cheap justice speak the volume of his so called justice. Asif Zardari, husband of the slain Benazir Bhutto, elected president of Pakistan by over 70 percent of the country’s electoral college vote but currently suffering sagging popularity, acquiesced to avoid a constitutional crisis. Yet by acquiescing he may have permitted a far greater crisis to loom in the future, a crisis fueled by what appears to be the unchecked political appetite of Chaudhry. Cheap justice has put all the weight to oust Zardari but Like it or not, Zardari is the legitimately elected president of Pakistan, supported in September 2008 by an overwhelming majority of the country’s legislators to serve a five year term. If he is to be replaced, it must be by the ballot box or by the constitutional process of impeachment, not by his political enemies determining if he is of “good character” or whether he is “sagacious and righteous. One member in the goon of cheap justice, the right hand of Sharif’s, fortified the agenda of chief justice . The judgment on Ajmal Asif is such a blatant example of discrimination by judges on same account Nazir Jutt was targeted only because he was PPP’s ticket holder.

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  8. hira

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  12. Waqar Amjad

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