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Metro Bus Stations Multan Complete List With Connected Areas

Complete List Of Metro Bus Stations Multan With Connected Area

Multan (Monday, February 29, 2016) – In Multan Metro Bus Project is near to be completed in next two to three months . The total length of this route is 18.52 Km.This project consists of 21 stations,these stations are of two types Elevated stations and At grade stations(ground stations). No of elevated stations are 14 while the ground stations are 7. This route starts from BZU and ended at Chowk Kummaran wala.

Metrobus Stations Near Qila Kohna Qasim Bagh Multan - Location Map Daulat Gate, Fish Market, Ganda Talab
Metrobus Stations Near Qila Kohna Qasim Bagh Multan – Location Map Daulat Gate, Fish Market, Ganda Talab

Brief description of all stations are described here

(1) BZU Station
It is the very first ground station of Metro Bus route .This station is located on Bosan Road (Education Avenue Road). Connected areas to BZU Station are Basti Rata, Basti Nao, Bahadar Pur and Beacon House School etc.

(2) Beacon House School Station
It is the next ground station of metro route.this station located on main bosan road .The distance between BZU station and Becon house is 1Km&3500meters.conected areas to this station are Saiyan wali basti, basti Nao, NUML university and SAKIM College etc.

(3) Madrassa Ibn­ ul ­Qasim station
It is the third ground station of the metro route .This station is also located on Bosan road. The distance
between Becon House and Ibn­ul­ Qasim stations is 7500 meters .Its surrounding areas are Model town, Nasheman colony and Model Town etc

(4)Northern Bypass station
It is the fourth station of the route. It is an elevated station.It lie on Bosan Road .The distance between Ibn­ul-Qasim and this station is 900 meters. Connected areas are Wapda town,Model Town, Basti Mehmood kot etc

(5) Altaf Market
It is the fifth elevated station.It is on Bosan Road.Distance between Northern Bypass ststion and Altaf town station is 900 meters. Connected areas are Shalimar colony,Khair­ul­Muaref school,Nishat school and Toyota motors etc

(6) Nasheman Colony
It is the sixth elevated station on the Bosan Road.Distance between Altaf Market station and Nasheman station is 6500 meters. Sabzazar colony, Nasheman colony, are around this station.

(7) Chungi no 6
It is the seventh elevated station it also located on Bosan Road.The distace between Nasheman and it is 900 meters. Connected areas are Zakria Town, Gulgasht colony,Govt.Emerson college,Science college, EDO office etc

(8) Tehsil Chowk
It is eighth elevated station. It is located on Bosan Road Ml.Distance between Chungi no.6 and Tehsil chowk is 1.1 Km. Connected areas are Usmanabad ,Sadat colony, Gulgashat Colony, Business citi Plaza and Pizza Hut etc

(9) Chungi No .9
It is the ninth elevated station located on the end of Bosan road.the distace between Tehsil chowk and Chungi no.9 is 1 Km.areas around this station are Hazori bagh road, kotla tolay Khan, Shamsabad colony , Officers colony and Eidgah etc

(10) Fish Market/Raheem Abad
It is the tenth elevated station on Humayun road.Distace between Chungi no 9 and Fish market station is 8500 meters. Connected areas are Ganda Talaab ,Raheemabad, Muhammadi Mohallah New Shamsabad,Haj complex and Qila kohna Qasim Bagh.

(11) Daulat Gate
It is the eleventh elevataed station on Eid Ga road near fish market.Distance between Fish market and daulat gate stations is 900 meters. Qila Kona, Willayat Hussain Islamia college, Masoom Shah Road, Hussaiaghai etc. Multani food restaurants are also seen here.

(12) Aam khas Bagh
It is the twelfth elevated station on Hafiz Jamal Road.Distance between Daolat Gate and Am Khas Bagh is 700 meters. Connected areas to this station is Darbar Hafiz Jamal .Kati Mar road ,Dawood Jahanian ,Darbar Pir Qazi Mithu, Awanpura etc

(13) Manzoorabad
It is thirteenth elevated station on Hafiz Jamal Road near Manzoorabad chowk. Distance between Am Kas Bagh and Manzoorabad is 900meters. Connected areas are Manzoorabad chowk, Muslim colony, Khair ­ul-Madaras, Baghban Pura, Aziz conony, chungi no 14, T.B Hospital road etc

It is the fourteenth elevated station on 14 No chungi road near overhead bridge .Distance between Manzoorabad and Mumtazabad is 850 meters.Areas connected are Haider pura and Ahmadabad

(15) BCG chowk
It is the fifteenth elevated station on chungi no 14 near BCG chowk.Distance between Mumtazabad and BCG chowk is 1.1 Km.Nearby areas are Mumtazabad colony ,New shah shams colony , Basti Mehmoodabad, Qasim pur colony, GCT multan,Peopls colony Muitan.

(16) Peoples colony
It is the sixteenth station.It is a fourth ground station located on Vehari road Multan.Distance between BCG chowk and Peoples colony is 900 meters. Connected areas are Tuglaq Town, Gharibnawaz colony, Khawaja Fareed social security Hospital,Allah wasaiya Textile mill etc

(17) Vehari chowk
It is the seveenteenth elevated station.Distace between Peoples colony and Vehari chowk station is 900
meters.Conected areas are General bus stand ,Makhdum Rasheed road.Vehari road,Fatima Jinnah Town. Sultan Ghee Mill, Ajmeer colony, Ram kali

(18) General Bus stand
It is eighteenth elevated station located at near AC Bus terminal.Distance between Vehari chowk and General bus stand is 700 meters.areas connected are Ac bus terminal,Markaz dawat Islami faizane Madina, Budhla road, new Multan city railway station, sital mari etc

(19) Jinnah Park
It is the nineteenth station.It is a fifth ground station.Distance between General bus station and Jinnah park is 1200 meters. Connected areas are 100 feet road,Shah ruken e alam E block,Fruit & vegetable market(sabzi mandi).

(20) Shah Rukan-e-Alam
It is the 20th station.It is the sixth ground station.Distance between Jinah park and Shahrukanealam is 1100 meters.Behari colony,Alama Iqbal open university campass are connected areas

(21) Kumharan wala chowk
It is the 21th and last ground station.Distance between Shah Rukanealam and kumharan choke is 1.15
Km. Connected areas are Dawoo terminal,Gulsan market,masoom shah road,Piran ghaib road etc .

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