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Naran: Kaghan Valley Mansehra Pakistan

Naran  is a village located in Kaghan Valley of Mansehra District, North-West Frontier Province, Pakistan. The Kunhar River, swollen by glacier melt, passes through this village as it meanders its way through the valley.

A journey:

Kaghan valley is naturally equipped with high peak mountains, richly greenish meadows, plateau and thick pine forests. I will definitely prefer you and others to visit this valley and then you will feel that if heaven lies on earth then it truly lies there.

Well, your journey to Kaghan valley will start from Abbotabad. You will pay just 30 Rs/ person from there to reach Mansehra. There you can easily find Toyota Hiace or busses going to Kewai (A middle place between Shogran and Kaghan-Naran). I prefer you stay in Kewai for a while and do not forget taking breakfast/fast food from its only under-water restaurant. This refreshment meal is a specialty of Kewai. Actually Kewai is the central hub of Kaghan valley from where a separate road goes to Shogran, Siri and Paye. You can hire a jeep from Kewai to Shogran by paying 300-400 Rs. The road to Shogran is very thrilling because of its extensive steep height. The front wheels of the jeep/car will be 2-4 feet higher than back wheels. But the forest on the way is a real beauty which is un-matchable. After reaching Shogran, you can find a good hotel in just 400-500 Rs (In summer season the prices are high and may range between 1500-2500 Rs). Shogran is yet another central point for these three places (Shogran, Siri,Paye) where hotels, restaurants and all other necessary amenities are available. You must rest there for 1 night at least and then rent a jeep again for going to Siri & Paya which are one of the most peak stations of Kaghan Valley. Usually people do not stay there for night and after enjoying whole day at Siri and Paye mountains they move back to Shogran in their hotels. Then you can proceed to Naran by going down from Shogran to Kewaii again. Take jeep, bus or Hiace from Kewaii chowk leading to Naran via Kaghan Bazar. You will love this journey for sure and it will take 2 hours to reach Naran from Kewai. Fastly moving river Kunhar will be shouting at one side of the road and it will remain your companion until you reach Naran. Naran is surrounded by very high mountains. You will feel dark in Naran valley in afternoon because these high mountains will stops sun light to reach in the valley. There again you can find a very good hotel in 400-500 Rs but as said earlier that the prices may be higher (between 1500-3000 Rs) in summer season. Naran also has a small bazaar like Murree mall road. You can enjoy fishing there in Kunhar river which flows with Naran road at one side. People go to spend a whole day in Jheel-Saif-AlMaluk and the journey starts from Naran and it takes just 1 hour to reach there. This 1 hour journey will take you to hundreds of feet higher than the ground. What should I say about Jheel Saif-AlMaluk, it is nevertheless the most beautiful lake in the world. You can enjoy horse riding there and the surrounding hills are the highest peaks of whole Naran valley. One of the renowned mountains is Malika Parbat which is placed on the left of the jheel.

Please make sure that traveling distance to Naran is much longer but the hoteling and meal expenses are economical. I have tried to give you a little introductory information of Shogran, Kaghan and Naran. If you have already visited Kagahn Valley then please feel free to share your experience in this blog. But if you are planning to visit some hill stations in Pakistan then I recommend you to visit Kaghan valley this time. I am sure you will find yourself very close to nature.

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  1. Tahir really you are very nice nature story writer, i love reading your article about kaghan naran kewaie, by the way tahir had you been student of islamia college railway road Lahore for sometime, warmth regards tahir naseem ahmed khan Karachi Pakistan
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  8. bht alla jaga h yar zror jana chahey,, espically jo shogran sy sri or pai ka rasta bht khatrnak h maza ata h uspy safr kr k

  9. i love these places balakot naran kaghan i just love it in jaghon ki khobsorati lafzon ma bayan nai ki ja skti

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  11. i love this places. khas ma yhan abi ja sakta but shaid ma tour k saat yahan jao.awesome place..

  12. Really awsome place………….

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    • Have you visited these Naran Kaghan shogran, if so pls advice me about the cost of transportaion of jeep, car or hi ace and hotel expenses in these area

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    actually hum log 3 friends hain aur hum log kaghaan naran ja rahay hain next week for the 1st time so i just wanna know on which places we should stay and what budget should we hava with us ?

  16. i have visited so many times Kaghan Valley its like haven on earth with its river Kunar running through Narhaan all the way down to Ballakot i fell in love with place Narhaan is beautiful with Lake saiful Malook

  17. I want to visit Kaghan Valley by end of November 2012 from Karachi to Rawlpindi via train & then onwards. Can you please guide me that what to do after reaching the Rawalpindi & also please let me know about the whether in November.

    • Dear Zubair well from Rawalpindi you should leave by car or bus to Abbottabad or Manserha stay here for day and explore these cities then try going to Narhaan next day that way you will enjoy it more its advisable to travel by jeep the weather does get cold some times even snows best time to go there is between May till end of august
      good luck

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    we r going to naran kaghan 21 june,2013

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  20. my vlg kaghan is very beautiful place of pak

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  22. I have visited this place 12 years ago now going again with family

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